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Dare to Claim the Sky

In my performance of my book Dare to Claim the Sky, I invite you into my proverbial living room for an intimate and unapologetic conversation about family, faith, my battle with depression, and self-identity. My story is an exploration of coming to grips with who I am in the constant battle of being beat-down by systemic racism and the frequent questioning of my self-worth as I share my truth and love for humanity.


"Sharon Nyree Williams is a poignant writer that has penned up secret thoughts that the world never realized it was ready to hear. Truth serum is her elixir that will heal your mind with thought-provoking answers for questions you always wanted to ask. Her words motivate me to take action and to forgive others and myself."


- Robert James

"'Dare to Claim the Sky' is probably one of the most powerful shows I have ever seen. It was apparent that Sharon was letting her audience into her heart, mind, and life. I laughed, cried, and was motivated by her story. Nothing short of phenomenal! An absolute must-see for everyone!"


– Michelle Merriewather

President & CEO

Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle

Artistic Process

Juliette Jeffers, an award-winning Caribbean American actor, writer, director, producer and teaching artist, and I chat about my process of making the show.

Activism: Seattle Women's March

Tired and charged from all the injustice and hypocrisy, I spoke at the Seattle Women's March on January 21, 2017.

Me addressing the crowd of thousands of people at the march.

Sharing my thoughts about the importance and impact of the Women's March.

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