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I believe that events and programs should be accessible to all. I make the below efforts to help ensure that everyone can enjoy my work:

  • On event registration pages, I offer a field to enter accessibility needs. I do my best to accommodate these needs, including providing ASL or CART services at the event, if requested. 

  • All in-person events are hosted at ADA-compliant facilities.

  • Digital events are typically held over Zoom, through which users can request closed captioning. 

  • Many events are recorded and made available via Youtube, which allows viewers to watch events at home and on their own time. 

  • All Youtube videos offer captions and transcripts. (Learn how to turn on captions on Youtube.)

  • For non-English speakers, Youtube has a feature to translate captions. (Learn how to translate captions on Youtube.)

  • Transcripts of video and audio files will be made available on Youtube and my website soon.


If you have any challenges accessing my work, please contact me at

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